525,600 from above [Eng] (by ZYTOKINE) [Touhou Project]


a.q.u.a [Eng] (by ZYTOKINE) [Touhou Project]

Ame to Kusari (PV ver.) [Eng] (by Megurine Luka) [Vocaloid Project]

AraHitoGami [Eng] (by Syrufit) [Touhou Project]

Asymmetry [Eng] (by Reol)


Bad Apple!! [Eng] (by Alstroemeria Records feat. nomico) [Touhou Project]

Black Swallowtail (TV ver.) [Eng] (by UROBOROS) [Rokka no Yuusha Opening 2]

bouquet [Eng] (by ZYTOKINE) [Touhou Project]

Bravely You (TV ver.) [Eng] (by Lia) [Charlotte Opening 1]

breakable girlz [Eng] (by ZYTOKINE) [Touhou Project]


Calling to the night [Eng] (by Natasha Farrow) [Metal Gear Solid Portable OPs]

Cinderella Avatar [Eng] (by Yuuhei Satellite) [Touhou Project]

Cry for the truth (TV ver.) [Eng] (by MICHI) [Rokka no Yuusha Opening 1]


Daydream Syndrome [Eng] (by Fujiwara Marina) [Yumekui Merry Opening 1]

Days [Eng] (by Lia) [Kagerou Project] [Mekaku City Actors Ending 1]

Dear you [Eng] (by Yuzuki) [Higurashi no Naku Koro ni OST]

deorbited lovers [Eng] (by ZYTOKINE) [Touhou Project]

Dream Walker [Eng] (Electro.muster feat. Rita)

Dummy March [Eng] (by Oliver&Kagamine Len) [Vocaloid Project] [Pumpkin&Dummy series]


Feel The Flow [Eng] (by Felt) [Touhou Project]

Forget me not. [Eng] (by Syrufit) [Touhou Project]

From Under Cover (Caught Up In A Love Song) [Eng] (by Foreground Eclipse)

Fuuga [Eng] (by Hatsuki Yura)

Fuyu no Dengon [Eng] (by Sound Horizon) [Fukuwa Project]


Genryuu Kaiko [Eng] (by Halozy) [Touhou Project]

Goldrop [Eng] (by Felt) [Touhou Project]


Hameln [Eng] (by Hatsuki Yura)

Heavens Divide [Eng] (by Donna Burke) [Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker]

Hitokata [Eng] (by Syrufit) [Touhou Project]


Ibara Hime [Eng] (by Hatsuki Yura)


Jinzou Enemy [Eng] (by Hatsune Miku) [Kagerou Project\\Vocaloid Project]

Juliet [Eng] (by Hatsuki Yura)


Kataomoi no Bigaku [Eng] (by Yuuhei Satellite) [Touhou Project]

Kanshou no Matenrou [Eng] (by Halozy) [Touhou Project]

Kibou no Uta (TV ver.) [Eng] (by UltraTower)

Koisuru Marionette [Eng] (by Hatsuki Yura)

Kokoro ni Todoku Uta [Eng] (by Lia)

Koyoi Index [Eng] (by Yuuhei Satellite); [Touhou Project]


Liberate me [Eng] (by Syrufit) [Touhou Project]

Lost Fairy [Eng] (by Hatsuki Yura)

Lost Time Prologue [Eng] (by Asumi Kana) [Kagerou Project]


Mary no Kakuu Sekai [Eng] (by IA) [Kagerou Project\\\Vocaloid Project]

Matsuri da Heikamon [Eng] (by Hatsune Miku) [Vocaloid Project\\\Fukuwa Project]

Maware! Setsugetsuka [Eng] (by High Driver) [Ending 2 Kikou Shoujo wa Kizutsukanai]

Min ~眠~ [Eng] (by Chata) [Touhou Project]

My Dearest [Eng] (by Supercell)

Myosotis Alpestris [Eng] (by Syrufit) [Touhou Project]


Nagori Tori [Eng] (by Yuuhei Satellite) [Touhou Project]

Nanka ii koto [Eng] (by Hatsuki Yura)

Necrofantasia [Eng] (by Alstroemeria Records) [Touhou Project]


Opposite World [Eng] (by Yuuhei Satellite) [Touhou Project]

Owari no Sekai Kara [Eng] (by Yanagi Nagi)


PNDR [Eng] (by Kaai Yuki) [Vocaloid Project]

Pumpkin March [Eng] (by Oliver) [Vocaloid Project] [Pumpkin&Dummy series]

Pumpkin Spice Dummy [Eng] (by Oliver) [Fukuwa Project\\Vocaloid Project] [Pumpkin&Dummy series]


Quiet’s Theme [Eng] (by Stefanie Joosten) [Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain]


Recollection [Eng] (by Syrufit) [Touhou Project]

Remind [Eng] (by Chata) [Touhou Project]

ren [Eng] (by Syrufit) [Touhou Project]

Resonant World [Eng] (by Matsunaga Maho [from StylipS]) [Opening Fairy Fencer F]

Runaway Drive [Eng] (by Felt) [Touhou Project]


Sakura Mitsutsuki [Eng] (by Spyair) [Gintama Opening 2]

Secret Sky (TV ver.) [Eng] (by MICHI) [Rokka no Yuusha Ending 1]

Seraphim [Eng] (by Attack the Music)

Shoujo Kanaria to Rengoku [Eng] (by Kagamine Len) [Fukuwa Project\\\Vocaloid Project]

Sweet sigh [Eng] (by Syrufit) [Touhou Project]


Tenohira Pianissimo [Eng] (by Yuuhei Satellite) [Touhou Project]

The Poet and the Muse [Eng] (by Poets of the Fall)

The Secret Garden [Eng] (by Hatsuki Yura)

The World of Noise [Eng] (by Syrufit) [Touhou Project]

This Game (TV ver.) [Eng] (by Konomi Suzuki) [No Game No Life Opening 1]

This will be the day (TV ver.) [Eng] (by Casey Lee Williams) [RWBY Opening 1]

Through All Eternity ~縁の絆~ [Eng] (by ayami) [Ending 2 Mushibugyo]

Tokohana [Eng] (by Yanagi Nagi) [Ending 1 Black Bullet]

Tsuisou Jojou Kyoku -lycoris- [Eng] (by Chata) [Touhou Project]

Tsuki no Mienai Yoru ni [Eng] (by Fujiwara Marina)


Unmapped [Eng] (by TRakker)

Utakata [Eng] (by Hatsune Miku) [Fukuwa Project\\\Vocaloid Project]


Wasurenai tame ni [Eng] (by Yanagi Nagi) [Ending 2 Black Bullet]


Yoiyami Hanabi [Eng] (by Hatsuki Yura)

your love [Eng] (by Syrufit) [Touhou Project]

Yuunagi Rinne [Eng] (by Hatsuki Yura) [Touhou Project]


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