Natasha Farrow – Calling to the night [Eng]

Vocal: Natasha Farrow
Lyrics: Nobuko Toda
Composition: Akihiro Honda
Arrangement: Norihiko Hibino (GEM Impact Inc.) & Akihiro Honda
Chorus: harario
Saxophone (soprano): Norihiko Hibino (GEM Impact Inc.)
Violins: Haruko Yano, Yukiko Iwato
Viola: Sachie Onuma
Violoncello: Akiko Yano
Programming: Akihiro Honda

Through the night to the day

When everything is gone

Carry this soul away from the dry lands

In the sun we see fighting over lines

All our dreams and wishes we send home for safe keeping

Fighting for what’s right

Calling to the night

To dream again in the light

Waiting for a storm to rise and

Feel the isolation fleeting

Calling to the night

To be or not to be fighting here

Leaving without you, leaving my soul behind

Calling to the night

Colors of kodachrome fade with time

Calling to the night

For us, for every single life

All the ashes of men remain as a perfect memory

Calling to the night

But the heart will remain

As a silhouette of time

Hear the ringing echos in the splitting horizon

Calling to the night