Oliver – Pumpkin March [Eng]

Title: Pumpkin March
Vocal: Oliver
Music: Momocashew
Lyrics: Momocashew
Illust: Lancha
Video: Lancha
Series: Pumpkin&Dummy
Track: #1

Ghostly laughter climbs down your spine

Don’t worry, I’m sure you will be fine

Why, you asked

Well, because you are the scariest of your kind

Take my hand so you won’t forget your way

Hurry, or else we will be late

Where to, you asked

A party to celebrate this special day

Don’t make us wait

Tula Pilatu Kah Luttata

Frightened face hidden under your mask

Tula Putapittana Tufeepah

Take it easy or we’ll tie you up

Tula Littata Luppashah

Palila Tufeepah Tilatu Lakkah

Your shaking voice itches my ears

Sing me a song

Look, the reflection in my eyes

Don’t you see the monster live inside?

Forgive me please, you begged

Is this another trick of yours?

You leave me no choice

Don’t you escape.

Tula Pilatu Kah Luttata

Remember the faces that you’ve betrayed?

Tula Putapittana Tufeepah

Have you ever stopped being jealous?

Tula Littata Luppashah

Happiness built up on others’ misfortunes

It’s getting late, don’t you think?

We should move on to the main dish

Don’t ruin any food on your plate

La Pilatu Kah Luttata

That serious look on you’s such a waste

Tula Putapittana Tufeepah

Let me carve a smiley on your face

Tula Littata Luppashah

Chocolate, biscuits, raspberry tarts

Open up big, I will feed you

Until your teeth rot

Can’t you see your ugly self?

Even poor mirror’s about to break

Gobble down a piece of cake every lie you say

I wonder, how much would you weight?

These layers of decaying skin are giving me a stomach ache


There’s no need to dress up anymore